Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Mass and Vatican II Condemned by Third Secret of Fatima

The Secret Warned Against Vatican Council II and the New Mass
An Exclusive Fatima Crusader Interview with Father Paul Kramer”

From the Fatima Crusader Issue 92 May 2009

“The Secret Warned Against Vatican Council II and the New Mass
An Exclusive Fatima Crusader Interview with Father Paul Kramer”

“...Question: Do you see a connection between the Third Secret of Fatima and the introduction of the New Mass?”

“[Fr. Kramer] Sister Lucy of Fatima, said that there would take place a diabolical disorientation in the Church. And there is nothing that could do more to bring that about than a liturgical revolution that would enshrine alien principles into a seemingly Catholic liturgy.
As a matter of fact, there is more substance to the question of a diabolical disorientation. I am referring to the part of the Third Secret of Fatima that has not yet been revealed. I know this to be a fact because I have personally spoken with a German theologian and a seminary Rector who is a longtime close fiend of Pope Benedict.
When Pope Benedict was still Cardinal Ratzinger, around 1990 he revealed to his friend that in the Third Secret of Fatima Our Lady warns not to change the liturgy: literally, not to mix extraneous foreign elements into the Catholic liturgy. Now, of course, with the new Mass of Pope Paul VI, that is exactly what was done. Elements of Protestantism, both in symbolism and in the wording of the liturgy, were brought into and mixed into a Catholic framework to the extent that the makers of the new Rite flatly stated that this is no longer the Roman Rite, it is a new creation.”

“…Our Lady also warned that there would be an evil Council in the Church that would cause great scandal. And of course, it was the documents of Vatican II-the Constitution on the Liturgy-which gave the impetus for Pope Paul VI to reform the liturgy in such a disastrous manner that caused such a loss of faith and confusion in the Church.”

“…Now after this took place, the German theologian who I am referring to went back to the country in South America where he was Rector of a seminary and he explained to a young priest what Cardinal Ratzinger had related to him. And precisely when he related that Our Lady warned against changing the Mass and there would be an evil Council in the Church, the both of them saw a plume of smoke coming up from the floor. Now it was a marble floor. This could not be anything of a natural phenomenon. Both the young priest and the old German Rector were so impressed they drew up a dossier and sent it to Cardinal Ratzinger.”

“…The elderly German priest, Ratzinger’s long-time personal friend, took note of the fact that when this vision of the Third Secret was published it did not contain those things, those elements of the Third Secret that Cardinal Ratzinger had revealed to him nearly ten years earlier. The German priest -Father Dollinger- told me that this question was burning in his mind on the day he concelebrated with Cardinal Ratzinger. Father Dollinger said to me, “I confronted Cardinal Ratzinger to his face” And of course he asked Cardinal Ratzinger, “how can this be the entire Third Secret? Remember what you told me before?”
Cardinal Ratzinger was cornered. He didn’t know what to say so he blurted out to his friend in German, “Wirklich gebt das der etwas” which means “really there is something more there,” meaning there is something more in the Third Secret. The Cardinal stated this quite plainly.”

“Question: This is an amazing story. Is Father Dollinger a credible witness?

[Father Kramer] I can say this much: We’re talking about an elderly priest, a long-time personal friend of Pope Benedict, a man who was a long-time personal acquaintance of St. Pio of Piertrelcina [Padre Pio]. In fact, he told me he had gone to confession to Padre Pio 58 times. This is a man who for many years was the Rector of a seminary in South America; a man who is highly esteemed, who is of great reputation in the Church.
I would also point out that in the diocese where he worked what I have said about the Third Secret, what Cardinal Ratzinger revealed to him, was common knowledge among the young priests who were seminarians and deacons at the time this man was Rector. They all know the story that Cardinal Ratzinger had told him.”
“As I have mentioned, they had even put together a dossier and sent it to Cardinal Ratzinger. So he is a man of great credibility, worthy of credence; a man of great seriousness who is not given over to making up fabulous stories, or exaggerating self-importance. The man had no need of such things; he’s a man of utmost credibility.”


  1. Read The Black Mass Within Vatican Walls by Thom Nickels (Philadelphia Weekly Press).

    1. Nickels is not a credible source for anything traditional or Roman Catholic....he is an "out" homosexual and converted to the Eastern Orthodox religion last year. :(

    2. Stop spreading lies. Nickels has extensive knowledge of Malachi Martin and the early Church Fathers. His Black Mass article is very accurate. Check the facts. You must be one of his enemies. Go to confession. Shame on you.

  2. We don't even need the secret anymore. It is right before our eyes. the Vatican II Church was designed by Satan and allowed by God for our sins.

  3. Vatican II is a Jesuit plot to bring all the world under the banner of the papacy. Otherwise they would still have the Latin Mass.

  4. Vatican 2 was slowly designed over a long time by the enemies of the catholic faith.