Friday, February 13, 2009

The Real Fr. Le Floch

In light of the distortion of Fr. Le Floch's reputation by various Neo-Con Feminist elements within Catholic Tradition, I have decided to put on this blog certain sections of the biography of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre written by Bishop Tissier de Mallerais. These sections show how Fr. Le Floch was removed from the French college in Rome on account of his purported association with Action Francaise --- when in fact he simply agreed with much of what this French Monarchist movement was saying in the sphere of politics and history. Fr. Le Floch was removed from the French seminary in Rome for his militant "anti-Liberalism." Please read the relevant citations below:
From pages 50-52 of the Archbishop's biography: "Pius XI wanted less belligerent bishops who were more open to his politics of "detente and reconciliation." Looking back on the crisis, Archbishop Lefebvre took a rather dim view of Pius XI's religions politics. 'On the doctrinal level (i.e., on the Social Kingship of Christ), Pius XI was not a liberal.' But he was weak, very weak in the practical sphere.' 'He was rather inclined to compromise with the world.' Moreover, like Leo XIII, Pius XI 'was anxious to deal with the de facto governments, whether they were Masonic or revolutionary and he gave 'by his example the wrong impression' to those with whom he dealt.' Teaching a divinely revealed Faith and serving the divinely assisted Roman magisterium, Fr. Le Floch was entirely opposed to the positive and empirical school of Action Francaise. The only common ground the Father Superior could find with Action Francaise was that 'we are fighting against liberalism, laicism, and the principles of the French Revolution from a doctrinal point of view. Action Francaise is fighting against the same errors but from a political point of view.' He was nonetheless careful to tell his seminarians as they left in July 1926: the Seminary is 'neither for nor against Action Francaise. Not for, since it is a political organization, and not against for the same reason. As far as some of Maurras's works are concerned, we condemn in them what Catholic doctrine condemns.'"

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